You have found The British Gardener and welcome to their gardening world!

British Gardener Robin Saywood and his daughter Melanie share a passion for gardens. Growing up in the south of England, Robin was surrounded by the colours, fragrances and charm of the English country garden. Melanie has inherited this passion.

The British GardenerTogether, they are the British Gardener and they want to bring their flare and passion to your Nova Scotia garden.

From the basics to the garden you’ve always dreamed of.
A good garden starts with a good lawn. The British Gardener will make regular visits to mow your lawn and maintain your property the way you like it. They’ll clip, prune and tidy on a weekly basis, monthly basis, or as often as you like.

Perhaps you’d like a flower bed spruced up with new shrubs and annuals? Maybe your garden needs a complete makeover. You might even want to start from scratch and create a brand new garden.

The British Gardener specializes in custom garden designs. They do everything from formal designs to a more relaxed rambling garden style. Their designs integrate interesting features such as trellises, garden boxes and archways to make your garden special.

A garden is a look, feel and fresh vegetables.
A garden is more than just flowers and shrubs. It’s colour, texture and fragrance; a place to get away from it all. The British Gardener balances these elements to make the perfect garden for you.

Some gardens are about food. Why not try a raised vegetable garden? You can grow carrots, lettuce and herbs right in your own backyard. It’s always fresh and you know where it came from.

Friendly service, custom designs
The British Gardener specializes in friendly, personalized service that helps you achieve your gardening goals.

Contact Robin or Melanie to discuss your garden needs and dreams.